A review of organizational crisis and suggestions for future research



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Ghazvini Kor, S. & Sikdar, A. 2014, 'A review of organizational crisis and suggestions for future research', 6th Biennial Conference Proceedings, Vol 6, No 1, The Academy of World Business, Marketing, and Management Development, Perth, Australia, pp. 98-110.

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Academy of World Business


Today's business environment is characterized by rapid change and discontinuity; therefore, the concepts of organizational crisis and relative coping strategies have increased in importance. It is critical that managers, as well as leaders of organizations, are able to handle different crises situations within their organizations efficiently. This paper evaluates the literature on organizational crisis from the critical perspective. Thus, the main objective of this paper is to elaborate the key determinants in developing coping strategy frameworks, while facing organizational crises, as well as to highlight the gap in the literature with the objective of building a foundation for future research.

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