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Maletic, M., Maletic, D. & Gomiscek, B. 2010, 'Green product development - customers and producers reflection', International Journal of Energy and Environment, vol. 4, no. 4, pp. 139-152.


This paper intends to provide a better understanding of environmentally friendly design concerning various aspects, including customers' and producers' perspectives. The results of the research study conducted in Slovenia provide an important link between customers and producers view considering green products. The customers appear to recognize the importance of environmental concerns regarding green product development, even though their main purchase-decision criteria are: their needs, quality and price. This applies that in order for green product to succeed, product characteristics should be in a balance with quality (and consequently customer's need) and environmental protection. The results also highlight the different views according to the benefits of green products. From customers' point of view, the most important benefits for producers regarding green products is enhanced reputation (response rate was 33%), while producers believe that customer trust is the most important benefit obtained from green products (response rate was 31%). However, it seems that there is still often too little awareness and understanding of the wider environmental, social and economic impacts of green product design.