Slovenian national excellence award and total quality management deployment in Slovenian companies



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Kern Pipan, K., Gomiscek, B. & Kljajic, M. 2014, 'Slovenian national excellence award and total quality management deployment in Slovenian companies', Total Quality Management and Business Excellence, vol. 25, no. 7, pp. 750-762.


This paper aims to study the deployment and use of total quality management (TQM) approaches and tools for the systematic implementation of TQM, especially within companies that have been applicants for the National Quality Award - Slovenian Business Excellence Prize (SBEP), and its relation to tools and approaches regarding people involvement, external recognition, benchmarking and financial results. The survey was based on the analysis of a sample of companies composed of the three subgroups: 'top companies' (based on their financial performance), a randomly chosen control group, and a group consisting of SBEP applicants. The questionnaire was distributed to 500 companies. The research was done on the basis of 110 respondents. Factor analysis was used to narrow the initial number of items, ANOVA to obtain statistically significant differences between the three group means and discriminant analysis to classify the sample according their use of TQM tools and approaches. The results showed that the main differences between the three groups of companies in favour of the SBEP group were related to the importance of benchmarking, peer assessment, collaborating in national quality awards (NQA) and partly in financial results. Based on the findings of this research, it can be concluded that the companies that took part in the NQA have higher mean scores of observed variables as compared to the other two groups of companies.

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