New learning methodologies using modern technologies



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Watfa, M. K. & Audi, D. 2015, 'New learning methodologies using modern technologies', International Journal of Innovation and Learning, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 275-297.


As technology becomes a more integral part of education, more teachers want to use different forms of modern tools to help teach students. We demonstrate and rigorously analyse a number of innovative and new teaching methodologies that incorporate the use of modern technology to encourage students to participate and take an active role in learning. More precisely, we introduce for the first time three teaching methodologies: 1) dynamic lecture notes using live student feedback; 2) an extension to the dynamic lecture notes that incorporates an online video repository to substitute some lecture presentations both during and after class; 3) 24/7 teacher-student portal using mobile social networking. The three methodologies were researched thoroughly in a number of local university class rooms and the results were collected to investigate whether they would lead to a dramatic increase in the overall performance and enhance the learning experience of the students.

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