The Savar Story...a year on



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Khan, Z. Reza. & Rodrigues, G. 2014, 'The Savar Story...a year on', World Business Research Conference, WBI Conference Proceedings, UAE, 2014

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World Business Research Conference

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ISBN: 978-1-922069-48-1


On the morning of April 24th, the collapse of the Rana Plaza building housing five export-quality garment factories, killed a few hundred and injured thousands of garments workers, mostly women instantly, trapping more victims in a steel prison for days, making it the worst disaster in the history of apparel manufacturing industry world-wide. Although media, nations and corporations voiced strong stands against such appalling work safety and human rights violations, many multi-national companies continue to exploit the under-privileged workforce with constant threats of moving businesses to more-profitable markets that offer lower wages and lower costs. Almost a year after the world-shaking collapse, the victims, their families and the garments workers population in general continue to fight for their rights, better standards of living, safer working environments, that seem to be falling on deaf ears. This paper revisits the Savar Tragedy - a year on… using primary and secondary data to highlight the key issues related to the manufacturing industry, particularly the Savar Tragedy in Bangladesh, some solutions that have come in place and possible solutions that involve ethical consumerism for a sustainable future of the industry.

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