Managerial perceptions of service-infused IORs in China & India: a discursive view of value co-creation



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Rod, M., Lindsay, V. & Ellis, N. 2014, 'Managerial perceptions of service-infused IORs in China & India: a discursive view of value co-creation', Industrial Marketing Management, vol. 43, no. 4, pp. 603-612.


This paper explores the managerial challenges facing firms seeking to build relationships with other network actors while doing business in foreign markets. By taking a critical perspective on an area of increasing importance in both manufacturing and service sectors, that of value co-creation, the paper explores how managers in different cultural contexts make sense of the notion of 'value' in inter-organizational B2B relationships between New Zealand service and service-infused supplier firms and buyers in China and India. From an analysis of the interview-based accounts on both sides of the buyer-seller dyad marked differences emerge regarding value-creation within managers' discourse around partnerships' collaboration and cooperation. Our findings suggest that the Indian manager's discursive use of 'partnership' draws on service-dominant logic in viewing this type of interaction as a means for co-creating value; they and their New Zealand suppliers are jointly involved in co-creating value within a service system, creating value-in-use. In contrast, the predominant perspective seen in the discourse of Chinese managers is the use of cooperation as a means of making transactions more cost-effective, or to fill gaps in their supply chains, resulting in the creation of transaction-based, co-production of value, which suggests a value-in-exchange orientation. In both cases, there is repeated reference to more peripheral actors whose efforts result in what we interpret as network value creation, based on their interactions with actors within the buyer-seller dyad.

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