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Balasubramanian, S. 2014, 'A structural analysis of green supply chain management enablers in the UAE construction sector', International Journal of Logistics Systems and Management, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 131-150.


The aim of the research is to develop a structural analysis of the enablers of green supply chain management (GSCM) in the UAE construction sector. An interpretive structural modelling (ISM) approach is used to identify the contextual relationship of the enablers and to develop their hierarchical structure. Further the enablers are classified into visual quadrants on a graph using dependence-driving power analysis (DDPA). The hierarchical structure and graph will provide useful insights to corporates, government bodies and supply chain managers to understand and prioritise the key enablers of GSCM and the organisational strategies adopted by firms in the UAE. The study will contribute significantly to the first wave of empirical investigation in the region and will provide useful insights into GSCM in the UAE. A structural analysis of GSCM enablers as well as industry specific research of GSCM in construction sector is not previously developed in the UAE