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Vel, P., Mubarak, H. & Malak, M. A. 2014, 'Service provider success: story of Liberty Autos', International Journal of Social, Management, Economics and Business Engineering, vol. 8, no. 7, pp. 2029-2036.


The elements for success in the service industry for many organizations have been studied and quantified. They range from effective performance evaluation and management to adequately implementing seven P's. However, the success story of every organization is unique. What might work for one organization might not for another as every company is inherently distinctive. In this paper, the strategic framework behind the success of Liberty Automobiles Dubai is captured. The primary data necessary for this paper was collected through in-depth interviews with the managers for sales, service and marketing as well as the group general manager. Subsequently, the key areas that led to the success of Liberty Autos will be discussed in this paper.