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Balakrishnan, M. Stephens. 2013, 'Featured commentary: special issue on the Middle East North Africa region', AIB Insights, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 3-4.


The MENA region is filled with contrasts. Though some of the oldest civilizations exist here, there are still geographical boundaries that are undefined, such as Palestine (home to 10 million people). The Arab Spring, which began at the end of 2010, has led to mass migration of over 1 million people from Tunisia, Libya, and Syria that surged to neighbouring countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe, creating a humanitarian crisis. Relevance of aid, NGOs and their internationalization and reach, public diplomacy, and emergence of social entrepreneurship are all possible topics that should gain more importance for the IB community. Migration and impact on culture are other areas of study.