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Awamleh, R. & Al-Dmour, H. 2004, 'The impact of transformational leadership on job satisfaction and self-perceived performance of banking employees: the case of Jordan', International Business and Economics Research Journal, vol. 3, no. 11, pp. 29-41.


This study tested the transformational leadership theory among managers at functional level in Jordanian banks. It examined the effects of both transformational and transactional leadership styles of bank mangers/supervisors on employees' satisfaction and self-perceived performance. Self-efficacy, self-esteem and leadership disposition (Romance of Leadership) of employees were hypothesized to act as moderators. Data was collected from employees working in Jordanian banks. A multiple regression analysis indicated that transformational leadership style, transactional leadership style, and self-efficacy were all related to job satisfaction. On the other hand, self-efficacy, Romance of Leadership (RLS), and self-esteem were related to self-perceived performance. Furthermore, a MANCOVA analysis indicated significant effects of self-efficacy, RLS, and self-esteem as covariates. Results showed that to elicit higher levels of satisfaction among bank employees, managers/supervisors need to demonstrate transformational and transactional attributes at the same time.