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Aghazade, Z., Geghani, N., Farzinvash, L., Rahimi, R., Aleahmad, A., Amiri, H. & Oroumchian, F. 2009, 'Fusion of retrieval models at CLEF 2008 Ad Hoc Persian Track', in 9th Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum, CLEF 2008, Aarhus, Denmark, 17-19 Sept.2008, Aarhus, Denmark, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 5706, pp. 97-104


Metasearch engines submit the user query to several under- lying search engines and then merge their retrieved results to generate a single list that is more e®ective to the users information needs. According to the idea behind metasearch engines, it seems that merging the results retrieved from di®erent retrieval models will improve the search coverage and precision. In this study, we have investigated the e®ect of fusion of di®erent retrieval techniques on the performance of Persian retrieval. We use an extension of Ordered Weighted Average (OWA) operator called IOWA and a weighting schema, NOWA for merging the results. Our ex- perimental results show that merging by OWA operators produces better MAP.



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