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Behzadi, G. & Sundarakani, B. 2014, 'Practical ABC intelligence solution for Quadratic Assignment Problems', 4th International conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (IEOM), IEOM, Indonesia, pp. 959-966.


One of the key challenges in the scope of NP-hard problems is associated with finding a suitable solution algorithm as a result of degrees of complexity integrated in such problems. Among that, Quadratic assignment problems (QAPs) have considerable popularity because of various real-world operation applications such as production line scheduling, facility layout, etc. however as QAP is classified in the group of most difficult combinatorial optimization problems, adopting an appropriate solution approach to that, is a controversial subject among the researchers. In this paper, ABC (Artificial Bee Colony) algorithm as a new and efficient intelligent approach, is proposed and applied due to minimize the total cost of the developed quadratic model including weighted distance and fixed locating cost by adopting optimal assignment decision. Then, two experimental examples are developed and solved through MATLAB 8 software; results are achieved and compared with the outcomes from the mainly used classical algorithm (GA) to prove the efficiency and highlight some managerial issues.