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Khan, Z. Reza. 2013, 'Blogging and online collaborative discovery learning - making a case for a successful group-tracking technique', 9th International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering, WorldComp, United States, pp. 1-7.


With the surge of digital native students entering classrooms, instructors worldwide have been trying hard to incorporate ICTs into their pedagogy in order to enhance student learning environment and prepare better graduates for the employment market. Among various shifts in paradigms, online collaborative discovery learning (OCDL) has become a coin phrase that instructors want to include in their many attempts at responding to the needs of the digital native students. With the increasing popularity of OCDL, researchers have studied issues related to OCDL such as instructor lack of understanding of OCDL and how it can or should be incorporated into pedagogy; studies have also highlighted issues with actual assessment of collaborative projects. However, few studies have actually studied or even recognized the issue of tracking these collaborative efforts of students, monitoring their progress, reducing conflicts and enhancing students' overall collaborative experience. This papers identifies three barriers to creating a successful OCDL environment in terms and proposes an adaptation and implementation of a blended learning tool, blogging, to help both instructors and students track their groups.