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Koshy, S. 2013, 'Differentiated assessment activities: customising to support learning', in P. Bartholomew, N. Courtney & C. Nygaard (eds), Quality Enhancement of University Teaching and Learning, Libri Publishing, Faringdon. pp. 37


This paper attempts to evaluate the benefits of using differentiated assessments to enhance the learning experience and output of tertiary students. The instructor used multiple modes of assessments like role plays, videos, letters to the editor, production of a career guide, blogs, posters, games and so on to cater to the varied skills and tastes of the students. Students were given a choice of themes as cues to work on. The most important outcome from the instructor's point of view was the improved performance of hitherto mediocre students which reflected on their grades too. Four cases are analysed to show the efficacy of using multiple assessments.