Mobile agents for testing web services in next generation networks



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Benharref, A., Glitho, R. & Dssouli, R. 2005, 'Mobile agents for testing web services in next generation networks', Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3744, pp. 182-191.


Web services are emerging as the standard paradigm for program-to-program interactions on Internet. They are gaining more and more momentum and are expected to play a key role in Next Generation Networks. For these reasons, their management is becoming critical. Fault management is one of the most challenging areas of network and service management. It includes fault detection, isolation and repair. This paper proposes a Web service-based architecture for detecting faults in Web services. The architecture is rooted in passive testing. Passive testing consists of observing and analyzing messages the component under test exchanges with its environment. The passive testers of our architecture are designed as Web services. The components of the architecture are presented and the potential interfacing technologies are evaluated. This evaluation has led us to the selection of mobile agents.

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