A new approach for quality enforcement in communities of web services



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Benharref, A., Serhani, M. Adel., Bouktif, S. & Bentahar, J. 2011, 'A new approach for quality enforcement in communities of web services', in H. Jacobsen, Y. Wang & P. Hung (eds), IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC), The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc, United States, pp. 472-479.


Nowadays, Web Services are considered as de facto and attracting distributed approach of application/services integration over the Internet. Web Services can also operate within communities to improve their visibility and market share. In a community, Web Services usually offer competing and/or complementing services. In this paper, we augment the community approach by defining a specific-purpose community to monitor Web Services operating in any Web Services community. This monitoring community consists of a set of Web Services capable of observing other Web Services. Clients, providers, as well as managers of communities can make use of the monitoring community to check if a Web Service is operating as expected. This paper defines the overall architecture of the monitoring community, the business model behind, different rules and terms to be respected by its members, services it offers to its various classes of customers. The paper also presents promising experimental results using the monitoring community.

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