Towards dynamic non-obtrusive health monitoring based on SOA and cloud



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Serhani, M. Adel., Benharref, A. & Badidi, E. 2013, 'Towards dynamic non-obtrusive health monitoring based on SOA and cloud', Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 7798, pp. 125-136.


Despite the fact that new technologies and life style are continuously improving, many diseases have unfortunately extensively increased in today's population. State-of-the-art studies are showing an exponential increase of these diseases, which present a heavy burden on governmental and private healthcare systems. Many industrial and academic works are trying to alleviate this burden using varying clinical solutions. For example, e-health monitoring and prevention have revealed to be among promising solutions. In fact, well-implemented monitoring and prevention schemes have resulted in a decent reduction of diseases risk and or have reduced their effects. In the same line, this paper proposes a Service-Oriented Architecture-based platform for health disease tracking and prevention with a focus on disease monitoring. A monitoring scheme based on Service-Oriented Architecture and Cloud technology has been designed and developed to proactively detect any risk of diseases prior to its development. Therefore a preventive plan is dynamically generated and customized according to the patient's health profile and context while considering many impelling parameters. A mobile application has been developed to evaluate our monitoring scheme and preliminary data have been collected and analyzed.

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