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Eidoon, Z., Yazdani, N. & Oroumchian, F. 2008, 'Ontology matching using vector space', in European Conference on Information Retrieval, 30 Mar - 3 Apr, Glasgow, Scotland, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 2008, no. 4956, pp. 472-481.


Interoperability of heterogeneous systems on the Web will be achieved through an agreement between the underlying ontologies. Ontology matching is an operation that takes two ontologies and determines their semantic mapping. This paper presents a method of ontology matching which is based on modeling ontologies in a vector space and estimating their similarity degree by matching their concept vectors. The proposed method is successfully applied to the test suit of Ontology Alignment Evaluation Initiative 2005 [10] and compared to the results reported by other methods. In terms of precision and recall, the results look promising.