Lammtara pictures: creating a cultural entertainment organisation - the way forwards



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Balakrishnan, M. Stephens. 2013, 'Lammtara pictures: creating a cultural entertainment organisation - the way forwards', in M. Stephens. Balakrishnan, I. Michael & I. Azaad. Moonesar (eds), Actions and Insights: Middle East North Africa: East meets West, Emerald Publishing Group Limted, United Kingdom. pp. 97


Mohammed Saeed Harib, CEO and Founder of Lammtara Pictures sat with his core group team of 12 people and discussed the future strategy of the company in his impromptu coffee meeting. They were at that unique point in time where the possibilities were literally endless, and they had choices to make in the direction they wanted to evolve. They had grown from a start-up to a young SME. The revenues they got from their mainline product FREEJ, which was the first 3D animation cartoon in the Middle East was enough to keep the company healthy, but they needed to find new growth opportunities either through diversifying into other related business areas or building on their core competencies. As of April 2012 they had done four successful seasons of FREEJ: three back to back and another season two years later with the fifth season in Ramadan 2013. Until recently, they were very particular about owning the intellectual property rights (IPRs) of all entertainment they produced but sometimes opportunities came that were too good to ignore. For example, Mohammed was chosen to direct to direct a part of the big-screen adaptation from the Khalil Gibran book 'The Prophet', a book which had already sold 1 million copies. Lammtara Pictures was a young company, but like any SME, it needed to decide its economies of scale and its future thrust direction. These were points Mohammed pondered. He believed strongly that he was the captain of his ship and was personally very involved with all stages of production.

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