A technology friendly mathematics teaching methodology



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Audi, D. & Watfa, M. 2011, 'A technology friendly mathematics teaching methodology', The 16th Asian Technology Conference in Mathematics (ATCM 2011), pp. 449-458.


Mathematics fear is an unaddressed reason that has a great effect on the unexploited capacity of young students. All over the world, the problem is so vast that huge amounts of money are being pumped into research grants to find out why competent students are terrified of Mathematics even when they get good grades in other subjects. In this research, we demonstrate and rigorously analyze a number of innovative and new teaching methodologies that incorporate the use of modern technology to encourage freshman students to participate and take an active role in Mathematics courses More precisely, we introduce for the first time two innovative teaching methodologies: 1) Dynamic Lecture Notes: A lecturing technique that automatically changes the next lecture slide based on the live student response to in class questions using wireless voting systems and 2) 24/7 Student-Teacher Portal: A Mobile Social Networking (MSN) application that attempts to bridge the gap between the students and the teachers outside the walls of a classroom. Both methodologies were researched thoroughly in a number of local university class rooms and the results were collected to investigate whether they would lead to a dramatic increase in the overall performance and therefore successfully enhance the learning experience of the students.

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