The adequacy of Malaysian law on e-contracting



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Sarabdeen, J. & Emna, C. 2007, 'The adequacy of Malaysian law on e-contracting', Computer and Telecommunications Law Review, vol. 13, no. 4, pp. 121-125.


The World Wide Web (WWW) has brought new opportunities and challenges to various people. Businesses utilise it for their benefit by expending their activities not only in physical space but also in virtual space in search of potential customers. Thus, contracting becomes a fundamental element in the e-commerce world. Electronic contracting raises various new legal issues. This paper seeks to analyse the current law on contracts and its applicability to e-commerce. As such, general principles of contracts, forms of electronic contracts, moments of formation of contract, together with the applicability of principles of the click wrap agreement with reference to the Malaysian Contracts Act 1950, will be analysed.

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