Forensics challenges for mobile phone security



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Khelalfa, H. 2012, 'Forensics challenges for mobile phone security', Information Assurance and Security Technologies for Risk Assessment and Threat Management: Advances, Information Resources Management Association (IRMA), USA. pp. 72


This chapter provides a complete reference on mobile phone forensics to students, researchers, lawyers, forensics examiners, information security officers, as well as organizational security personnel. First, the author reviews the currently used guidelines and procedures in digital forensic investigations, and then presents their current adaptations to mobile phone forensics, including criteria for the selection of forensics tool for mobile phone. Due to the world popularity of GSM phones, a detailed description of the SIM file system is presented. The forensic strength and weaknesses of the classes of physical and logical forensic tools are discussed .Current approaches to overcome the impediments of both classes are reviewed in terms of usability and forensic soundness. Then, the newest challenge to the digital forensic community, anti-forensics (AF) is raised, including the risks faced by mobile phone forensics investigation. Finally, the author addresses the issue of current research as well as trends on mobile phone forensics.

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