Learning styles and training: train the trainees the way they learn



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Sarabdeen, J. 2012, 'Learning styles and training: train the trainees the way they learn', in K. Soliman (eds), The 19th International Business Information Management Association Conference: Innovation Vision 2020: Sustainable growth, Entrepreneurship and Economic Developmehnt, International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), United States of America, pp. 1255-1262.


Every learner has his preference in learning. Thus trainers need to structure their training programmes and training methods to suit the learning styles of the trainees to maximize the outcome of the training. The purpose of the research is to analyse the major theories on learning styles and to apply the theories to the students in Dubai to understand the learning preference of the students so that the trainers will be able to plan their training effectively. The research analyses the theories of Kolb, Honey and Mumford, Gregorc and Fleming and applied Fleming's VARK theory through survey conducted among 106 students. The result shows that there are variations in learning preference. The research has both theoretical and practical implications for the trainers and educators. The research in theory confirmed the earlier research findings that learning styles must be taken into consideration for better learning outcome. The practical implication is that "one type fits all" strategy will not help to achieve the learning objective.

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