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Vel, P. & Suhail, L. 2012, 'The branding framework behind Modhesh', The Marketing Review, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 181-197.


Branding and brand management strategies have been dynamic spheres of discussion in modern day marketing since they act as a major differentiator in the minds of consumers. Existing literature sheds more light on developing and managing brands and not much on leveraging and sustenance. Using a case study methodology, this study aims to track and analyse the stages of development taken by an iconic and indigenously developed brand at Dubai, 'Modhesh'. A stage by stage analysis is made comparing with existing academic models on brand development, including the models of de Chernatony, Logman and Kapferer, and a revised model is proposed, referred to as the CNS (Conception, Nurturing and Sustenance) model which aims to fill the void in the existing models by proposing three additional elements, based on the analysis of the evolutionary stages of Modhesh. This model could be useful in understanding brand leveraging and the stages of brand development that could be helpful in such leveraging. The analysis has been made based only on one brand. However, this study paves the way for future researchers to analyse brand development stages across different brands and further reinforce the model.



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