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Cai, Y., Shen, K. & Guo, Z. 2012, 'Adding bricks to clicks: when do offline channel attributes influence consumers' intentions to shop online?', Royal Bank International Research Seminar,


Given the fierce competitive environment to date, there is an increasing trend of introducing new channel(s) to complement their existing one by retailers. A recent phenomenon is that purely online retailers are extending their offline outlets. How online consumers react to such channel extension? More specifically, does the offline channel visit only influence offline channel patronage? In addressing this question, in present study, we propose and empirically test a framework for explaining the relationships between offline channel attributes and online consumers' intentions to shop in both channels. The results reveal that while cognitive offline channel attributes have a direct and positive impact on online consumers' intentions to shop offline, relational offline channel attributes contribute to consumers' patronage intentions online, given the contextual intervention. Implications are further discussed.