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Sundarakani, B. & Van Over, D. 2010, 'Robust decision model for facility location in a global supply chain network', in M. D. Hanna (eds), Production and Operations Management Society Conference, Production and Operations Management Society, Canada, pp. 1-15.


Firm location and relocation in a modern business environment are stressed with many additional constraints under probable and possible uncertainties. Handling both the possibilities and probabilities in plant relocation problems are large scale optimization problems and they were seldom dealt by researchers considering either one of the cases. It’s been a big challenge to account these two uncertainties together while decision making process. This research explores a way to combine the possibilities and probabilistic scenarios together by proposing a Hybrid Robust Optimization and Mixed Integer Linear Programming (ROMILP). By proposing a novel hybrid model this research critically investigates the possibility of establishing a facility plant or moving an existing Plant/Distribution Center (DC)/Regional Distribution Center (RDC) in the global supply chain. Solving the proposed model would be helpful for practitioners whom are willing to locate and or relocate an existing plant/DC/RDC in the global supply chain network.