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Sarabdeen, J. 2008, 'Laws on Right to Privacy in Mobile Marketing', WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics, vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 280-290.


Mobile advertisement is one of the best marketing mediums ever invented so far. It has the ability to target the users anywhere and anytime with personalized and location based instant messages. The businesses utilize these features well to suit their business operations. The amazing features of mobile marketing led the users feel that their personal property got intruded without prior permission thus creates concerns over violation of right to personal privacy. This article using content analysis method analyses the possible violation of right to privacy in mobile advertising. The analysis would seek to know the legality of the mobile marketing practices and the level of protection guaranteed in the legislation. The Laws in European Union Countries, Australia and the United Arab Emirates were analyzed for this purpose. The finding suggests that there are legal provisions on the issue of right to privacy and as long as the businesses adhere to the laws, mobile marketing will remain legal. The European Directives on data protection are very influential and many countries have followed the provisions of the Directives.