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Cai, S., De Souza, R., Goh, M., Li, W., Lu, Q. & Sundarakani, B. 2008, 'The adoption of green supply chain strategy: An institutional perspective', IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology 2008, IEEE Proceedings, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA, pp. 1044-1049.


Green supply chain has emerged as an important organizational strategy in modern business environment. While most of the current literature look at the green supply chain strategy adoption from economic and political perspective, we investigate the green supply chain strategy adoption from an institutional perspective because supply chain management involves cooperation and interactions among multiple stakeholders, and the decision to adopt this strategy may have more to do with the institutional environment in which a firm is situated. In this study, we identify key institutional determinants of green supply chain strategy adoption. A structured survey was designed to investigate critical driving forces of adoption of green supply chain strategy.



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