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Rusu, R. Florentina. & Shen, K. Ning. 2011, 'An empirical study on E-Banking acceptance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)', International Business Information Management Conference, IBIMA Publishing, Australia, pp. 1-9.

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IBIMA Publishing


While most banks in the UAE have adopted the Internet in providing various services, the understanding of the user acceptance of e-banking services remains limited. Prior studies on e-banking acceptance have been mainly conducted in the western countries. Given the different population and culture in the UAE from the western countries, it is necessary to identify the factors that are more relevant to the context. Built upon the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), this study examines e-banking acceptance in the context of the UAE. Specific factors were identified, i.e., security, image, convenience and computer self-efficacy, and incorporated into the TAM. The resulting research model was validated with a survey study involving 183 e-banking users and the results provided support for the extended TAM model. Both theoretical and practical implications are discussed.



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