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Jayashree, P. & Hussain, S. J. 2010, 'Tracking and evaluating the impact of large scale change initiatives: a proposed approach based on the application of balanced scorecard framework', Oxford Business and Economics Conference, OBEC, Oxford, UK, pp. 1-34.

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Oxford Business and Economics Conference


Change Deployment and Change Management literature stresses the significance of introducing changes at a systemic level by focusing on strategy, structure, culture, systems, processes, tasks and behavior for sustained and continuous effectiveness of large scale change efforts. While various diagnostic models have been suggested in Change literature that helps in identifying internal and external alignment issues at a systemic level to inform change interventions within organizations, an integrated measurement system to track and evaluate the impact and effectiveness of Change initiatives has still not got the desired focus. This paper proposes a conceptual approach for tracking, measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of large scale Change interventions in organizations by drawing on some of the techniques of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). This paper proposes that, to reap greater benefits from large scale Change, one must not only ensure alignment but also a continuous review of Change Deployment Processes at a systemic level. The approach focuses on the use of BSC techniques such as developing Change Themes and Results, setting Change Objectives, developing Lead and Lag Performance Measures for achievement of Change Objectives and measuring the progress of the initiatives with respect to the desired Objectives, for evaluating the effectiveness of Change Deployment efforts, all through applying cause and effect linkages.