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Vel, P., Suhail, L., Satyanarayan, R. & Easo, S. 2011, 'Conception, nurturing, leveraging and sustenance of a successful brand', in International Conference on Asia Pacific Business Innovation & Technology Management, Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 25, pp. 1-15.


The world of strategic branding has evolved consistently, making its study relevant and important in the current context. Systematic, pre-emptive and careful development of a brand can be a source of competitive advantage and of the widest appeal to its target segment. Current literature on brand development focuses more on the development and management of brands, however not on Brand Leveraging and Sustenance, calling for a need to make value additions to the existing models on brand development that may help brand managers with the conception, nurturing, leveraging and sustenance of brands. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the Brand Development stages of a well-known brand called “Modhesh”, in existence at Dubai for over a decade and compare its stages of development with the existing academic models on brand development. Adopting a case study methodology, the paper has conducted an in depth investigation of the issue at hand in association with various existing academic models on Brand Development including the models of De Chernatony, LOGMAN and Kapferer and has proposed a revised model referred to as the CNS (Conception, Nurturing and Sustenance) model which aims to fill the void in the existing models by proposing three additional elements that have been arrived at, based on the analysis of the evolutionary stages of Modhesh.



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