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Jayashree, P., Hussain, S. Jamal. & Van Over, D. 2009, 'Implementing balance scorecard system in institutions of higher education- a proposed framework', International Journal of Excellence in Education, 2(2), 1-10.


Private educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that do not receive government funding have to generate revenues and profits for their survival and growth simultaneously being accountable to their primary stakeholders and ensuring quality education for targeted student· populations in order to survive increasing competition. Although most institutions of higher education have some form of strategy formulation processes for the short, medium and long term, .a structured strategy deployment process with continuous monitoring systems for sustained high performance and for ensuring higher return on investment is currently lacking. The purpose of this paper is to propose a general framework for applying the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) Framework which provides for a structured strategy deployment process· linked to performance management systems through its four perspectives - Financial, Customer, Internal Processes, and Learning and Growth to ensure the preceding in the Institutions of Higher Learning. The framework proposed in this paper will provide specific insights into applying the BSC in a systematic and integrated manner for private· higher educational institutions operating in UAE.