E-learning techniques in IT programs - are they helping my sense of cyber-ethics?



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Khan, Z. 2006, ''E-learning techniques in IT programs - are they helping my sense of cyber-ethics?'', in M. Iskander (eds), International Joint Conference on Computer, Information, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering (CIS2E 06), Springer, New York, pp. 1-5. Proceedings published as Innovations in E-learning, Instruction Technology, Assessment, and Engineering Education, 2007, pp 423-427, Springer.


With the boom in technology, it is not surprising to see high-tech tools implemented at most schools and colleges to enhance the total learning experience for the students of the twenty-first century. From up-to-date software, hardware and online tools, electronic learning has becoming somewhat of a ‘fashion’ where most tertiary academic organizations are concerned. World-wide, academic bodies are competing to develop and implement the latest, advanced tools to gain advantage over peers across the globe, to give their students a better learning experience, to improve their resumes and ultimately earn millions.

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