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Glass, A., Abdulaziz, N. & Bastaki, E. 2007, 'Slope line coding for telecommunication networks', IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication, IEEE, Dubai, pp. 1535-1538.


A new slope line code for information transmission and storage has been proposed. The line code operates on the principle of slope coding. Two alternative slopes are used to transmit or store the binary information 1 s and 0 s. The decoder extracts the binary information from the received multilevel signal using slope comparison technique with slope violation detector from the incoming symbols. The encoder and decoder operation is described. A simulation of the encoder and decoder has been carried out using MultiSIM® software. The simulated results are in thorough agreement with the theory. The slope line code also meets the many desirable features of other line codes. This makes it attractive and suitable for data transmission and storage on different types of telecommunication networks and multimedia systems.



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