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Dani, A. & Getta, J. R. 2006, ''A system of operations on sliding windows'', in K. S. Trivedi, L. M. Patnaik, K. R. Venugopal, K. Chandra Sekaran & G. Kumar (eds), International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications, IEEE Technical Activities, NJ, USA, pp. 595-600.


One of the distinguishing characteristics of a data stream system is 'a continuous query operating on dynamic data' as opposed to 'static data processed by instantaneous query' in DBMS. In this paper, we propose a system of operators to process a continuous query on sliding windows over streaming data. We use the pre-defined notion of sliding windows over a data stream and provide an abstraction for a system of operations that supports evaluation of a continuous query on sliding windows. The model consists of a basic data window, a set of transition operations, a set of processing operations and the operation of binding number of streams together before processing.



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