IPurse: an innovative RFID application



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Watfa, M. K., Kaur, M. & Daruwala, R. 2012, 'IPurse: an innovative RFID application', in Y. Wu (eds), Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering: Theory and Practice, volume 2, Springer, Berlin, pp. 359-366.


RFID tags are miniscule microchips, which continue to get smaller and cheaper every day. This paper introduces IPURSE, an intelligent system built on a mobile platform which keeps track of items a user carries in their purse/handbag and also alerts the user when any item is missing from the purse/handbag. IPURSE is a unique project that brings the RFID and NFC technologies together into a single system by 'cleverly' monitoring, reminding and alerting users about their missing items based on the current weather, reminder messages and daily items usually carried by the user. We discuss the methods, equipments and technologies used to successfully implement such an application. It includes the design evolution and technical design of the system, followed by a working prototype and experimentation. The pros and cons of the application are also discussed towards the end of this paper.

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