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Khan, Z. Reza. 2012, 'Technology use takes a boost among university students', Computer Technology and Application, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 347-354.


The speed with which the information technology has evolved is unparallel to any other technological evolution man has ever witnessed. From hospitals to classrooms, technology seems to have taken over people's lives. Where there have been studies to see the impact of technology in varying aspects of life, there seem to be little or no studies on the actual rate of increase in usage of e-technologies among university students and why they have become so popular. This paper uses a survey tool that captures responses from 900 students to study the rate of increase in student use of various e-technologies in and out of classrooms along with some viable reasons why students are acquiring and using such technologies and suggests ways to use this study to better understand student behavior in terms of e-cheating, and how to enhance teaching and learning environments for students.