E-cheating and societal factors - a critical review of existing literature



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Khan, Z. Reza. 2010, 'E-cheating and societal factors - a critical review of existing literature', The International Center for Academic Integrity: 2010 International Conference on Academic Integrity, ICAI, USA, pp. 18-18.


Academic honesty has been of much value to most academic institutions across borders for centuries. Where academics uphold the importance of honesty, truthfulness, and fairness as characters in their students, implementing academic honour codes to streamline student behavior and character, studies have also shown the steady increase in academic dishonesty in high schools and tertiary education alike in the last decades. From defining what constitutes academic dishonesty in and out of the classrooms, to looking closely at cheating, how to detect them and curb them, a lot has been written by various authors in different disciplines. This paper, however, identifies research questions that have not been addressed sufficiently in the literature and suggests specific research areas for further investigation into the possible casual implications of societal factors such as school curricula, teachers' attitude towards e-cheating, parents' attitude towards e-cheating, buying power of students and area of study on student attitude towards e-cheating .

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