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Wilkins, S. & Balakrishnan, M. Stephens. 2012, 'Student perception of study at international branch campuses: implication for educators and college managers', in V. Huang, M. Balakrishnan & I. Moonesar (eds), Conference Proceedings and Program: Academy of International Business - Middle East North Africa Chapter 2nd Annual International Conference, Academy of International Business- Middle East North Africa Chapter (AIB-MENA), Dubai, pp. 61-61.


It is widely accepted that in any service industry it is the customer who defines service quality, so it is logical for researchers and practitioners to research the customer perspective. The international branch campus has emerged as a popular form of transnational higher education but to date little research has been undertaken on student attitudes, beliefs and experiences, other than the student feedback evaluations conducted by institutions. This quantitative study employed a survey questionnaire to investigate student perceptions of study at international branch campuses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the country which hosts the largest number of branch campuses globally. Across the seven dimensions examined, it was found that students are largely satisfied, but several issues have been identified that managers can attempt to address in order to further improve service quality and student satisfaction at their institutions.