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Khalifa, M. & Liu, V. 2005, 'Online consumer retention: development of new habits', Proceedings of the 38th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'05), IEEE, pp. 1-8.


Prior research on online behaviour continuance modeled satisfaction and perceived usefulness as the only determinants of continued adoption, overlooking the important role of habit. We therefore extend the previous models to include online shopping habit as a moderator of the relationship between online shopping satisfaction and online repurchase intention. Most prior studies conceptualized habit as experience, providing little evidence on the distinction between these two constructs. To clarify this confusion, we compare the conceptualization and the effects of habit and experience on repurchase intention. The empirical results show that the inclusion of the moderating effects of both habit and experience strengthens the explanatory power of the model. Although there is sufficient evidence supporting the conceptual discrimination between habit and experience, their effects remain similar. We also identify important online shopping usefulness drivers, which should be of interest to practitioners.



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