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Khalifa, M., Yu, A. Yan. & Shen, K. 2007, 'Build up organizational innovativeness: an integrated view', in R. H. Sprague (Jr) (eds), Proceedings of the 40th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS'07), IEEE Computer Society, USA, pp. 1-10.


Innovativeness has been regarded as an important organizational capacity to secure long-run competitive position and bottom-line performance. Prior research from different disciplines has shed some light on the capability-building process for innovativeness. However, an integrated understanding is still missing. This study is aimed to address this void. Based on resource-based view, this study integrates the strategic, process, technological factors to explain the development of innovativeness and further examines their interactive relationships. The research model was tested with 114 organizations that have implemented KMS applications. The empirical results provide strong support for our research model. The theoretical and practical implications are discussed.



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