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Zakaria, N., Mohd Affendi, S. Yusof. & Zakaria, N. 2010, 'Managing ICT in healthcare organization: culture, challenges, and issues of technology adoption and implementation', in Y. K. Dwivedi, K. Khoumbati, B. Lal & A. Srivastava (eds), Handbook of Research on Advances in Health Informatics and Electronic Healthcare Applications: Global Adoption and Impact of Information Communication Technologies, IGI Global, Hershey, PA. pp. 153


The objective of this chapter is to illustrate a case study of a medical research institute in Malaysia in order to discuss issues pertaining to ICT adoption in healthcare organizations, in particular exploring the culture, challenges, and issues of ICT adoption among medical teams, patients, etc. In this chapter, we examine the question of 'What are the challenges of implementing ICT in healthcare organizations?' Some of the lessons learned from the case study were: ICT was successfully adopted and implemented based on several factors such as supportive organizational culture, competent IT workers, committed IT department and heavy investment on ICT infrastructure. Yet challenges also arise which hinges upon factors like initial deployment of outside IT resources or expertise for ICT implementation, lack of user training and continuous communication between involved parties in the initial stage.



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