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Bashiri, H, Oroumchian, F & Moeini, A, Persian Email Classification Based on Rocchio and K-Nearest Neighbor Approach, 13th Multi-disciplinary Iranian Researchers Conference in Europe, IRCE 2005, Leeds, UK, 2 July 2005. Original conference information available here


These days, electronic mail (email) has become an essential form of communication in all aspects of ever day life. The main reason for this popularity among other things like the speed of delivery and the low cost is the convenience of managing and handling emails. However this convenience is diminishing by the growth and availability of the emails. Managing emails is becoming more difficult every day. Not only SPAM (unsolicited emails) is flooding our mailboxes but locating important and vital information among the huge number of emails that are finding their ways into our mailboxes has turned into a laborious and time consuming daily activity. Because of this, we are witnessing an increasing interest in research and development of all sorts of different products and technologies that can remedy the email explosion problem.
This research is concentrated on developing a new Persian Email server with the ability of automatically classifying and organizing incoming emails into folders.