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Koshy, S. 2008, 'Using marking criteria to improve learning: an evaluation of student perceptions', in F. Malpica, A. Tremante & F. Welsch (eds), Proceedings of the 2nd International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics; IMSCI 2008, IMSCI, USA, pp. 194-198.


This paper is an exploratory study on the use of Marking Criteria in the offshore campus of an Australian University in the Middle East. The purpose of the study is to analyse student attitudes to the use of Marking Criteria with a view to maximizing its use. Most educators agree that assessment plays a key role in education and the use of Marking Criteria helps to streamline assessment. The study notes that most students were aware of the benefits of reviewing criteria before they worked on an assessment but few actually used it. The paper offers ways to help students internalise criteria to make learning effective. It also proposes the use of Marking Criteria as a tool that aids teachers in giving feedback in large classes.