EnviroServe: the green company in the United Arab Emirates



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Rodrigues, G. & Mathew, V. 2012, 'EnviroServe: the green company in the United Arab Emirates', in M. Stephens. Balakrishnan, I. Michael, I. Moonesar & T. Rogmans (eds), Actions and Insights - Middle East North Africa: Managing in Uncertain Times, Emerald Group Publishing, UK. pp. 51


The importance of reverse logistics that deals with return of end-of-life (EOL) products from end users to retailers, manufacturers and suppliers for refurbishment, remanufacture and recycling (Chan & Chan, 2008; Li & Olorunniwo, 2008; Stock, Speh, & Shear, 2002; Srivastava, 2008; Lau & Wang, 2009) is quite high. Traditionally businesses were not held responsible for the product after use by the consumer. But, with growing stakeholder expectations in the area of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, businesses are more conscious about managing their social and environmental impacts. Today businesses are beginning to look at reverse logistics not only in terms of economic impacts but also environmental impacts. While consumers and other stakeholders want businesses to be more responsible in the way the product is produced such as to minimise waste production, the expectations have also changed to recovery of products after use in order to reduce cost and environmental impact of recycling. Businesses are becoming more responsible about collecting, reusing, refurbishing or dismantling used products to minimise environmental damage.

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