XL pharmaceutical: effective operation and logistics



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Sarabdeen, J. & Jaafar, K. 2012, 'XL pharmaceutical: effective operation and logistics', in M. Stephens. Balakrishnan, I. Michael, I. Moonesar & T. Rogmans (eds), Actions and Insights - Middle East North Africa: Managing in Uncertain Times, Emerald Group Publishing, UK. pp. 127


On 19 April 2010, Dr Mazen Saffy, Managing Director of XL, had to take an important decision about operation of the company warehouse and the management of inventory system as it was costing the company in terms of money and reputation. Despite the company having the advantages of more outlets and enjoying overall cost leadership because of locally manufactured products, it lacked a proper warehouse in Dubai to accommodate and cater to the demands of 24 pharmacies in Dubai. Dr Saffy had to come up with a proper solution soon, so that the company could organize all their transactions, reduce the number of errors and make speedy decisions to claim its right position in the market.

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