Session-based selection of servers with different classes of users



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Salem, M. Vall O Mohamed. 2012, 'Session-based selection of servers with different classes of users', Journal of Software, vol. 7, no. 7, pp. 1505-1513.


It is expected that modern applications like for instance those involving electronic commerce will be able in the future to provide different levels of service to different classes of users. This is also very appealing with the emergence of service oriented architecture in which the selection of services take into consideration quality of service. Classes of service may for instance be accessoriented, performance-oriented or content-oriented. In this paper, we investigate the introduction of differentiated server selection during the phase of selection of service provider instead of the common differentiation at servers. Performing differentiation during server selection has the advantage of enhancing the portability of servers which are kept as much as possible generic while separate entities handle specific policy requirements of applications.

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