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Balakrishnan, MS and D'Lima, M, The negative impact of reducing the gender gap, 2008 Oxford Business and Economics Conference, Oxford, UK, 22-24 June 2008. Original conference information available here


Purpose: The United Nations and many governments are focusing on reducing the gender imbalance. This has resulted in reducing the gap, higher empowerment for women and economic prosperity for them, their families and the nation. This paper looks at the result of this and its impact on women, their families, men and society. Approach: This is an exploratory study that uses a detailed literature review to find some manifestations of gender inequalities and the impact of strategies women adopt to be treated as equal to men. Findings: This paper questions the theory that equality means treating women like men. It ask whether we are doing women an injustice as they are different and need to be accepted for who they are and what they contribute not just to the work place but also to family and society itself. This paper raises questions for future research, government and organizational policies and puts in perspective women’s rights.