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Macgregor, R. C. & Vrazalic, L. 2008, 'The role of gender in the perception of barriers to E-commerce adoption in SMEs: an Australian study', Communications of the IBIMA, vol. 4, pp. 141-147.

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Communications of the IBIMA


The association between e-commerce barriers and gender has not been explored in-depth, even though it has implications for the adoption of this technology. This paper aims to add insight into how male and female SME owners/managers perceive different e-commerce barriers. The findings of a survey of 207 SMEs in Australia are presented, and show that females perceive technical issues to be a more important barrier than organisational issues. By contrast, male SME owners/managers are more concerned with the suitability and fit of e-commerce in the organisation, implying the need for a different focus in e-commerce initiatives. Additional findings show a greater differentiation of barriers within male owned/managed SMEs, which suggests the need for more customised e-commerce adoption program in these organisations.