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Yusop, N. Iadah., Mohd Affendi, S. Affendi., Mat Aji, Z., Ibrahim, H. Hj.., Kasiran, M. Khairuddin., Dahalin, Z., Abdul Ghani, N., Abd. Razak, R., Hasan, S. & Rahmat, A. Razak. 2010, 'The influence of community characteristics towards telecentres success', Computer and Information Science, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 116-120.


Telecentres (TCs) are physical spaces that provide public access to information and communication technology particularly the Internet for educational, personal, social, and economic development. This paper will closely look into the characteristics of the community that influence the success of these kinds of TCs. Although there a number of influential factors in regards to community characteristics, the emphasis will be on groups and networks factor. Survey was conducted to collect data from users regarding their use of TCs. In the questionnaire, apart from the users’ profiles, items related to the groups and networks were also included. The responses were captured based on five-point Likert scale. Sampling was done based on a population comprising TCs implemented by state governments, NGOs, and private sectors. The findings suggest that there are some indications showing certain self belonging, as consequences to the usages of TCs, to a group and establishing networks which can contribute to the success of TCs.